Additional Differences

Apart from the list of changes already noted in my previous post, I would like to share some additional differences eagle eyed viewers will spot in Part 84. As you already know, Mk 2.1 is not a perfect recreation of the state of the game from the end of Part 83. As the game was recreated from the ground up, apart from not having exact knowledge of all the variables in play, we encountered some factors that needed to be addressed in a way that our tools do not directly manipulate. While we have scoured all available data, screenshots, and inferred opinion, there remains details that are not the same.

The first two are based upon HP markers. There is no simple and direct method of inputting the specific required HP of any given city or unit to the exact amount last seen in Part 83. There are a few tricks and hoops we can go through in order to approximate these values. However, we have chosen not to do so. Below are cities and units that previously had less than optimal HP but will appear as full HP in Part 84. Note: Those whose values were in green are far too numerous and are excluded on these lists (cities in particular, with their high regen rate on these settings).

City HP Values from Part 83

Based on the screenshots, the following cities were at yellow hp:

Middleburg (Boer)

Nuevitas (Iceland)

Cienfuegos (Iceland)

Antium (Iceland)

Elis (Iceland)

Cumae (Iceland) 

Jerusalem (Sparta) 

Herat (Sibir) 

Shahrisabz (Sibir) 

Multan (Sibir) 

Qashliq (Sibir) 

Tobolsk (Sibir) 

Kandahar (Vietnam) 

Port Au Prince (Australia) 

Nassau (Australia) 

Chichen Itza (Buccaneers) 

Port Royale (Buccaneers)

Based on the screenshots, the following cities were at red hp:

Mantinea (Iceland) 

Nicomedia (Finland) 

Hebron (Finland) 

Batticaloa (Finland) 

Carrollton (Sibir) 

Beryozovo (Yakutia) 

Ghazni (Vietnam) 

Leogane (Buccaneers)

Unit HP Values from Part 83

Names of the units will be followed by how many instances of said unit in each category.

Based on the screenshots, the following units were at yellow hp:

Iceland: Mobile SAM (1) Paratrooper (1) Carrier (1)

Buccaneers: Cybersub (2)

Australia: Cybersub (1) Arsenal Ship (1) Carriers (2)

Inuit: Advanced Destroyer (1)

Brazil: Submarine (1)

Armenia: Paratrooper (3) Anti-Air Gun (1) Mamikonian (1) Machine Gun (2)

Blackfoot: Paratrooper (1)

Vietnam: Drone (2) Power Armor Infantry (2) Artillery (1) Giant Death Robot (1)

Boers: Giant Death Robot (1) Hovertank (2)

Sibir: Psi-Trooper (1) Bio-Trooper (1)

Finland: Cybersub (1)

Sri Lanka: Mobile SAM (1) Great Musician (1) Bazooka (2)

Based on the screenshots, the following units were at red hp:

Australia: Paratrooper (1) Arsenal Ship (1)

Finland: Hovertank (2)

Boers: Hovertank (1)

Sibir: Mobile SAM (1)

Armenia: Machine Gun (1)

Iceland: Caravel (1) Cybersub (1)

Vietnam: Mobile SAM (2) Drone (1) Artillery (2) Power Armor Infantry (1)

The next category is that of religion. As written in the previous post, we encountered great difficulty in spreading the religions throughout the map. We were able to have the correct religions founded upon the correct holy sities, however, then spreading the religions to the correct cities was met with many errors and inconsistencies. This factor was left low on our priority list while completed the rest of the work, and was even left out entirely in some of our early tests. Rather than discard religion altogether, we decided to keep it in the game by giving the six alive religions holy city owners (Islam’s Party Pope had no majority in any location and had only a dozen followers across a few cities) a fresh start. Contrary to the stagnant position it was before, religion will now be a new variable in play to look forward to seeing influence this quite advanced state of the simulation. With all land on the cylinder taken, and new empire borders to traverse, we may see a different spread than before in the coming albums.

Next is accented and special characters in city names. After we finished, and tested, our scripts, we noticed that many cities were not being affected at all by the intended changes. Apart from the funky looking city names some fans may have noticed in the screenshots we shared while still in development, some even correct looking city names were still not being properly recognized by the scripts. We have done our best to correctly have the correct names in each city after having to manually inspect every single city in the game for errors, but there will be some left out. Some cities, like Aapátosipikáni are now just Aapatosipikani. Hopefully this won’t be a cause of any confusion to viewers.

Refugee units are prevalent and all well loved by the community. One of the biggest modding efforts for Mk2.1 was the adapted City State mod that allows for dead civs to be revived, and their respective units to remain in the game. We looked at all the screenshots we could have to include most of the refugee units, in particular fan favorites such as the Ashanti Pikeman and the Chinese Knights. Others, like scouts and caravels somewhere in corners of the arctic, may have been excluded. I am also sad to report here again, that as observed correctly by many fans last year, the Roman Legion perished sometime after Part 75. I wanted to address that here as many have been asking about the whereabouts of the Legion.

The final category is deep ocean tiles. While the last map that displayed all the approximate ocean tiles in the game was in Part 80, it is still quite possible we may have missed one here and there in the far reaches into the deep abyss. However, all tiles close to the coasts, and those that touch borders with other civs, were vigorously inspected. If we did happen to miss any deep ocean tiles, we do apologize, but it is our sincere opinion that their respective civs will not be disadvantaged by having for example one less tile stretching into the Indian Ocean or the empty Pacific.

These are things you will encounter on Wednesday the 20th. Some are subtle, others are not. We could have devoted more time to continue to recreate the state of the game that much better but have chosen not to. We hope you will join us for the launch, and forgive us for these inaccuracies.