Mk 2.1 Patch Notes

As this is a recreation of the game from scratch, and not a continuation of the past simulation, there are definite changes that will distinguish Mk 2.1 from what we had in 2016. Furthermore, we took this time to debate on what to change in the game having now this unique opportunity to do so. Nearly all our changes were due to imperfect nature of our data gathering and the available resources at our disposal, and then seeing what we could do to make the game slightly more balanced and entertaining. The following is our simulation’s “patch notes”:

Babylonian Care Package:

Better worldwide distribution of late game strategic resources in response to the incomplete mapfile data. All Oil, Coal, and Aluminum yields have been set at 5. All Uranium yields are set at 4.

Global Cultural Exchange:

Implemented a minimum number of social policies (39) for all civs, including having a full tenet tree of their ideology, benefiting many of the rump states.

Free Trade Utopia:

All World Congress trade restrictions have been lifted. This system could not be adequately recreated, and the ceasing of its limitations upon the civs favored our goal of happiness equilibrium.

Divine Comedy:

Our religion scripts, and even manual placements kept causing game errors for the previous religions. Instead of removing religion from the game we have given the holders of holy cities one religion each. Six new religions will be created at the site of the current holy cities.

Pleasure Palaces:

All Palaces given +1000 happiness to maintain initial happiness equilibrium. Palaces also given an additional 200 gold and faith for initial output of new religions.

Arctic Terraformation:

Moved the sub, and its surrounding mountains, 3 tiles to the left to distance it from the encroaching border of Boer city Sheberghan.

Carrier Syndrome:

All civ biases towards carriers have been set to 1. No removal or modifications of any existing carriers, but civs will no longer be as inclined to deploy new ones.

Resistance is Futile:

Initial city resistance from cities that were founded by dead civs (now City States) has been removed. Only affects the first active turn.

Ao Vision:

Texture mod added that makes blues and greens more vivid. The new look will help differentiate the game moving forward from the previous version before the calamity.


Iron Bison: Given four extra Industrial Complexes. Four tiles along the narrow corridor around Siksikawa and Tsiniksistsoyik have been reverted back to Blackfoot control.


Organic Dissimilation: Pholus Mutagen replaced with the Buenos Aires Forum.


Rum Reactors: Given extra Uranium in Port Royale.


Bordergore Galore: All current satellite cities given +2 pop.


Icy Walkabout: New captial-in-exile is Wulungarra instead of Makassar. Due to the city flipping, the Kimberley preferred a city they founded instead of one created by a now City State.


Political Science: Given an extra policy set (Liberty) to balance their low policy count amongst the other leaders.


Leg Day: SpartanShitposter turned into an in-game unit (super hoplite) and is joined by 3 of his finest men. They march outside Jerusalem.


Priest-Patron Alliance: Fresh Declaration of Friendship with Vietnam.

Freedom Fighters: With the ideology script, Tibet was given all Freedom tenets. This included the spawning of 6 Foreign Legion units.


Pho-nomenal: Given an extra two techs (Cognitive Technology and Neural Interface) to counter the effects of the observed Science glitch.